PAVE Reports

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Each survey report provides a glimpse of the unique experiences and realities of DC’s community members. These survey reports were shared with school leaders, elected officials, and policymakers as critical insight into what families are experiencing to help inform our leaders’ decision making around policies that can support our DC families and kids.

We conducted an online survey from October 14 – November 3 and heard from a total of 630 DC parents to explore and understand parents’ experience with their children(s) education

We surveyed a total of 628 families to learn about the following:

  • Families’ experiences with school in the 2020-2021 school year
  • The ongoing impact of Coronavirus
  • What they were planning for in the future

We surveyed a total of 939 families to learn about the following areas:

  • Families’ experiences returning to school virtually
  • The ongoing impact of Coronavirus
  • What families were planning for school in the future

We conducted a survey to understand specifically how COVID-19 is impacting kids, parents, and families in order to:

  • Connect parents to resources and support
  • Better understand the impact on families
  • Inform conversations about what is working, what isn’t, and what parents want to see that is different

We conducted this survey to understand the challenges school leaders are facing and the challenges faced by their families in the following areas:

  • Providing families with technological devices
  • Family access to internet
  • Supporting academics and distance learning
  • Family’s access to basic needs
  • Communicating with families

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