Transparent Citywide School Funding

The Problem

We are not able to ensure an equitable education for our kids without access to accurate, complete information about how schools are funded and how they spend those funds.

In order to create a citywide school budget process that meets the individual needs of all of our schools – and therefore, all of our kids – we have identified a set of priorities that we believe our city leaders should make a reality.

Our Solutions

1. Create a Uniform Budget Framework that:

  • Is comparable across all schools
  • Provides in-depth information on at-risk funding and program expenses
  • Shows the total funding available to schools (including private donations)

2. Increase Parent Involvement in Budget Practices by:

  • Partnering with schools and communities to develop a set of engagement best practices
  • Increase opportunities for families to provide input on school budgets
  • Make budget information more accessible, with consistent, clear communication about the process and decisions

3. Evaluate Current Budget Processes by:

  • Conducting a needs assessment so we know what it takes to truly support our kids
  • Evaluating weights in our Uniform Per Student Funding Formula
  • Creating systems where all stakeholders are involved in decision-making

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  • DC Childcare Collective
  • Washington Digital Media
  • Human Transformation Coalition
  • DC Action for Children
  • Breakthrough Montessori Public Charter School