Parent Leaders #Vote4DCKids

#Vote4DCKids is a parent-led campaign to put our children at the center of one of our most important rights because OUR VOICE = OUR VOTE!

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What is #Vote4DCKids?

We want our elected officials to make decisions about education with families and children first, particularly those who are Black, Brown, and low-income. They have too often been left behind in our city’s growth over the past 20 years but deserve Councilmembers, a Council Chair, a Mayor, State Board of Education members, an Attorney General, ANC commissioners, and a Delegate to the House of Representatives that share their values and their priorities.

To make this vision a reality, the #Vote4DCKids campaign focuses on educating DC residents how to make their voice heard with their vote, including how to vote, where to vote, and who is on the ballot.

Note: PAVE, as a 501c3, does not endorse any candidates

Why should YOU commit to #Vote4DCKids?

When you commit to #Vote4DCKids, you’re joining a movement, not a moment.

Since the start of this campaign in 2020, more than 1,400 DC residents stood up and said #Vote4DCKids! We know the number of DC voters who prioritize children, families, and education is even larger now, so join them in making DC kids most important in our upcoming elections!

Have questions about how to #Vote4DCKids? Check out our FAQ below!

If you’re unsure whether you’re currently registered to vote in DC, you can check your status of your registration on the DC Board of Elections Check Your Voter Registration Status page.   To ensure that you receive your mail-in ballot at the correct address, check and update (if necessary) your voter registration.

Once you had registered to vote in DC, you do not need to re-register or update your voter registration unless

  • You have not voted in DC within the past four (4) years
  • Your DC address has changed
  • Your name has changed 
  • You wish to change your party affiliation 

If any of the above is true, you will need to update your voter registration. Learn more about how to update your voter registration on the DC Board of Elections Register/Update Voter Registration page.

To register to vote in DC, you must: 

  • Be a United States citizen
  • Maintain residency in DC for at least 30 days prior to the election in which you intend to vote
  • Not claim voting residence outside of DC
  • Be at least 17 years old and at least 18 years old by the next General Election (You may pre-register to vote if you are at least 16 years old and meet eligibility requirements. You will automatically be registered to vote once you reach your 18th birthday)
  • Not have been found by a court to be legally ineligible to vote

There are several ways to register to vote in DC. To learn more, and to view a list of accepted proofs of residence, please visit the DC Board of Elections  Register/Update Voter Registration page. By law, the Board has 19 days to process a voter registration once it is submitted. However, voter registrations are typically processed in fewer than 19 days.

Click here for more information on when and where you can vote in the upcoming election!

All registered voters will receive a mail-in ballot at their address on file for the 2023 General Election. You will ONLY need to request an Absentee Ballot if you will be away from your DC residence during the General Election.

If you need an Absentee Ballot, you can request one using the DC Board of Elections Absentee Ballot Request Form.

You can vote at any Early Vote Center or Election Day Vote Center.

To find an Early Vote Center or Election Day Vote Center location near you, simply enter your address into our Vote Center Location Tool. 

DCBOE provides language access services for voters who are limited or non-English proficient (LEP/NEP). Under the Language Access Act of 2004, we are required to provide language assistance in Amharic (አማርኛ), Chinese (中文), French (Français), Korean (한국어), Spanish (Español) and Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt).

However, we also offer a full range of professional interpreting services via LanguageLine, more than 9,000 highly trained interpreters who are fluent in over 240 languages and American Sign Language Interpreters (ASL) for Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing constituents.Need help in your language? Call (202) 727-2525

  • Amharic: በቋንቋዎት እርዳታ ማግኘት ይሻሉ? በስልክ ቁጥር (202) 727-2525 ይደውሉ።
  • Chinese: 需要以您的语言帮助?拨打Call (202) 727-2525
  • French: Avez-vous besoin d’aide dans votre langue ? Appelez le (202) 727-2525.
  • Korean: 모국어로 도움이 필요하세요? (202) 727-2525로 전화해주세요
  • Vietnamese: Cần sự trợ giúp ngôn ngữ của bạn? Hãy gọi (202) 727-2525

Spanish: ¿Necesita ayuda en su idioma?  Llame al (202) 727-2525

Registered voters do not need to present identification or proof of residence to vote. However, it’s encouraged that you take some form of identification with you to vote in case you need it.

If you plan to register in person during the Early Voting period or on Election Day, you will need to provide proof of residence in order to register and vote.

If this is your first time voting in DC and you did not provide proof of residence when registering, you will need to show proof of residence in order to cast a live (regular) ballot.

Acceptable forms of proof of residence include the following (must include the name and address of the voter):

  • Valid District of Columbia DMV-issued ID 
  • Government check or paycheck*
  • Bank statement*
  • Current utility bill (does not include cell phone)*
  • Student housing statement/tuition bill
  • Homeless shelter occupancy statement
  • Residential Lease
  • Other current government document that shows your name and address

*The issue, bill, or statement date must be within 90 days of Election Day

As a 501c3, PAVE does not endorse any candidates.

#Vote4DCKids 2022 General Election

1,448 DC voters committed to cast their ballot to #Vote4DCKids in the 2022 general election because of the time and dedication parent leaders put into their movement!