Our Issues Amplified

At PAVE, our policy agenda is made by and with parents and families, not for them. In our first year, we conducted over 80 1-to-1 meetings with parent leaders across DC to develop PAVE’s five core values, which are the building blocks for your vision of education in DC. From these core values, each year, PAVE works with our parent leaders to identify the policy issues that YOU want to amplify in the coming school year.

At the PAVE Parent Policy Summit in May, parents voted Transparent Citywide School Funding and Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training for All Schools as their top issues in 2019. Stay informed by reading more about the issues we’re amplifying this year!

Transparent Citywide Funding

PAVE Value #2: All schools have adequate and equitable school funding to support the needs of children and families.

Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training for All Schools

PAVE Value #3: All students have a safe, healthy, and welcoming school environment.​

Community-Centered Selection of Our Education Policymakers

PAVE Value #1: All families have access to high-quality schools and the information they need to make the best decisions for their children

Sustained, Diverse, High-Quality OST Programs for All Kids

PAVE Value #4: All students have access to out of school time and summer programs that allow them to foster their passions and enrich their learning.

Equitable Supports for Students with Special Needs

PAVE Value #5: All parents have the resources they need to support the success of their children at home - and school