Lindsey Jones-Renaud: What distance learning means for my family – Distractions aplenty

January 11, 2021

During the regular school year in pre-pandemic times, my daughter thrived from a good daily structure: A clear schedule that students and teachers followed and clear spaces where my daughter could do her school work. Now that we are learning from home, my daughter is struggling. Her schedule is different everyday and the distractions are aplenty: her arts and crafts bin, the allure of snacks in the pantry, and wanting to play with her sister and the family cat. All of these pull my daughter away from the learning she needs to do.

She isn’t an independent reader, but wants to be and resists my help. When she inevitably gets frustrated, she throws pencils, slams her computer shut, or just gives up. It’s exhausting for both of us. In some moments, she runs to her room and hides under her covers, returning 30 minutes later to try again. But now we’re both frustrated and have less time to do the work that needs to be done. 

Her recent diagnosis of dyslexia puts all of her struggles and the high-stakes of staying on top of learning in the spotlight. I hope that soon we will get relief and she can find the joy of learning again.

By Lindsey Jones-Renaud, Ward 7 PLE Board member