No greater pride than to educate equitably

June 17, 2017

Washington Latin Public Charter School provides a rigorous, traditional classical curriculum to children from all parts of Washington DC. It’s one of the growing number of DC public charter schools that’s diverse both ethnically and economically, and it’s providing my two daughters a quality education.

I’ve been closely involved with Washington Latin over the years: from helping Latin get a certificate of occupancy for its former campus; to leading the PTA grounds committee; to obtaining dozens of trees for the school grounds through a partnership with the Casey Trees Foundation; to obtaining a school nurse; and finally, serving last year as the PTA President. Last year, when I was PTA president, Martha Cutts put me in contact with PAVE.

I’m totally on board with the mission of PAVE to lift parents’ voices in educational policy and implementation. Personally, PAVE has empowered me as a parent leader by giving me the opportunity to share my personal testimony in front of the Council’s Education Committee and participate in a parent focus group hosted by Chancellor Antwan Wilson.

What’s important to me is ensuring student safety and equitable funding for all public schools – both public charter and traditional. There’s no greater pride in a city than its ability to educate all children – regardless of race, income, or family background. We are obliged to give children all they need to succeed in today’s world. Success doesn’t necessarily mean college or a high paying job, but an ability to envision their future.

Robert Burchard, Ward 4 and Washington Latin PCS Parent