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Mental Health Supports and Trauma-Informed Training for All Schools

The Problem

We are not providing the appropriate mental health supports or services to help students with the challenges they face both inside and outside of school.

In order to create an education system full of great schools that are supporting the mental health needs of our students, we have identified a set of priorities that we believe our city leaders should make a reality:

Our Solutions

1. Conduct a needs assessment to:

  • Determine where there are gaps in support
  • Inform allocation of resources

2. Engage Families and Communities by:

  • Partnering with schools and communities to develop a set of engagement best practices
  • Focus should be on how to collectively develop school culture and implement mental health supports

3. Invest in Our Kids and Our Schools!

  • Provide $54 million in funding for mental health supports, including social emotional learning programs, trauma-informed training, and additional mental health professionals
  • By Increasing:
    • The at-risk weight
    • Investments in the School Safety and Positive Climate Fund
    • Funding for the expansion of the School-based Mental Health Initiative

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  • Washington Digital Media
  • Human Transformation Coalition
  • Building Hope
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  • DC Prep
  • Educare DC
  • DC Action for Children
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