PAVE Named ‘One of the Best’ Nonprofits by the Catalogue for Philanthropy

As it Celebrates its 17th Anniversary Serving the Greater Washington Region, the Catalogue for Philanthropy is Proud to Honor PAVE



In May, Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington, DC’s only highly-selective, locally-focused guide to giving and volunteering, selected PAVE to be part of the Class of 2019-20! PAVE underwent a rigorous review process conducted by a team of 150+ local experts and ultimately met the Catalogue’s high standards. Potential donors can be confident that the nonprofits in the Catalogue are worthy of their support.

This year the Catalogue celebrates its 17th anniversary: since its inception, it has raised $40 million for nonprofits in the region. It also offers trainings and neighborhood-based opportunities for collaboration. Reviewers helped select 78 nonprofits to feature in the print edition, 36 of which are new to the Catalogue this year. It also selected an additional 36 nonprofits to be re-featured on its website. The network now includes 400+ vetted nonprofits working in the arts, education, environment, and human services sectors throughout Greater Washington.

The Catalogue recognizes PAVE for providing parents with the support they need to advocate for positive educational outcomes in all DC schools. By educating parents about the policymaking process, preparing them to engage in this process, and partnering directly with schools, state agencies, and policymakers to share and implement best practices around family and community engagement, PAVE connects, informs, and empowers parents leaders to give DC families a voice and choice in the vision for education in the District.

“People want to get involved in their community—they want to make a difference, close to home. Based on our rigorous review process, we believe that PAVE is one of the best community-based nonprofits in the region,” says Matt Gayer, Director of Community and Nonprofit Development at the Catalogue for Philanthropy. This prestigious honor is awarded to PAVE in its fourth year of operation.

The Catalogue believes in the power of small nonprofits to spark big change and they believe in PAVE to continue to further that change, working each day to lift up, strengthen, and enrich our local community.



Thank You!

Thank you to PAVE Parent Leaders, partners, supporters, school leaders, staff members, and other stakeholders for all your hard work to create positive change for students all across our city – this award belongs to you! Today and every day, we are grateful and honored to do this work with you. We are looking forward to the next year and all the change to come!