Blogging and Features

The strongest voices are authentic voices

At PAVE, we know that every parent has a unique story to share. Every parent comes to this work with different experiences, motivations, and goals. We believe that the best way to ensure that parents can share those unique stories is by providing blogging training and posting opportunities to make their voices heard.

For more information about blogging and features, please reach out to us at Our team will help you find the best resource for sharing your voice, and will provide you with the support and training to craft you story!

Trainings with the Wayfinder Foundation

PAVE is thrilled to work with so many parents who want to share their story about becoming an engaged advocate for their children. We know that nobody tells this story better than they do. Inspired by so many of our parent leaders, PAVE established a partnership with the Wayfinder Foundation in 2017 to provide parents with blogging training and the opportunity to post their pieces online. The Wayfinder Foundation’s communications efforts help create a collective voice for local communities and for local communities through blogs and proactive media outreach. Our parent leaders are able to share their posts online on D.C K12: a blog and a forum for parents, students, and teachers to raise the real issues facing our public schools and be a part of the conversation.

During these trainings, participants learn about the art of storytelling and how to link their experiences with the education and education policy issues that impact their families and the District. By partnering, PAVE and the Wayfinder Foundation are ensuring that DC parents have both the resources and the outlets to discuss education policy, share their voices, and demonstrate the power of parents.

Be sure to read some of our parent leaders’ posts:

For more information about PAVE’s partnership with the Wayfinder Foundation, please reach out to PAVE at

Newsletters and Social Media

Our team loves connecting with parents, schools, community partners, and advocacy leaders as often as possible. Our parent leaders across the District are working hard and inspiring other parents to engage in the policies that will impact DC’s students. We regularly feature parents and their accomplishments in our newsletters and social media accounts, as well as post opportunities for parents to get involved in community events and access resources. Join us online!

The PAVE Post

PAVE’s monthly newsletter, the PAVE Post, features a different PAVE parent leader in each edition. These parent leaders work with a member of the PAVE team to share their narrative of becoming an advocate for their children and a champion for their schools. You can review all previous issues of the PAVE Post on our News and Updates page. Features include:

Social Media

PAVE parent leaders are making a difference in the District – hosting community events, testifying before the DC Council, working with their Parent Leaders in Education Boards, and demonstrating every day that parents can be incredible advocates. Our social media accounts feature parents and ensure that their accomplishments are being featured in realtime:


Partner and Community Blogs

As PAVE’s parent network grows, so does our advocacy network. PAVE is proud to partner with many organizations and thought leaders – both nationally and here in DC – that are dedicated to improving our education system through community-based solutions. We believe that by connecting our families to other advocacy work, we are building a more informed coalition of parent leaders.

Make sure to stay connected with our partners:

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